Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Siberian Husky Photo dogs in Florida

When you think of Siberian Huskies, the first thought you have is of warm beaches, crystal blue waters, sun on the beach right? Probably not. Most people think of cold weather, the tundra, dog sleds and things like that.

There are in fact quite a few Siberian Huskies in Florida. But what you might not know is that Florida is a huge mecca for the fashion industry. It is almost as big as New York. This means there are quite a few photo shoots that go on each year for fashion magazines, products and movies. So what do you do when you are doing a photo shoot for a winter wear magazine or looking for an extra for a snow scene in a movie?

Some publications and advertisers want to use Siberian Husky Dogs for their shoots but most all professional photo dogs are in the northern states. Of a few occasions these companies will try to contact local Siberian Husky rescue organizations to see if they have dogs that can be used for their photo shoots. This is where we got the idea of training our huskies to be professional photo dogs.

Now there is a place where people in Florida looking for a Florida Photo dog can go to find Siberian Huskies. We also donate a portion of our proceeds back to the Siberian Husky Rescue to show our support for rescue organizations


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